Every sky waits to be memorialized. One can describe with words, a particularly interesting, beautiful or frightening sky. I find it more fulfilling to describe them with paint. Like most artists, I began my painting experiences by moving from subject to subject, often putting more effort into this decision making process than I did with the actual work of laying paint on a canvas. In landscape paintings I used the sky as an accompaniment or a prop. It was something that completed a painting. I always seemed to enjoy that part of the painting the most and I began to understand why. No two skies will ever be the same.  They are ever changing. They have movement, a beginning and an end. Clouds have a life.

I begin by choosing the mood for a sky painting. I rely on memories or photographs that Iíve taken of skies that have moved me. Sometimes I work with whatís happening at the moment. As I begin to put brush to canvas, something really fascinating happens. Despite all of my forethought or planning, they begin to build themselves! As my hands and my eyes work together, I feel out the painting and allow it to take itís own direction. I donít always know how the story will end. But what I do know, is that it's a feeling of complete freedom and lack of inhibition that I seldom experience while away from my easel.



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